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6. Need Help? 

The "Need Help?" component within the Legacy Lab toolkit serves as a lifeline for entrepreneurs seeking guidance and support on their business journey. Connect with seasoned advisors and explore strategic partnerships to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. Immerse yourself in the wealth of insights provided by the Leadership Talks event series and Flying with Founders Podcast, gaining inspiration from the experiences of industry leaders. Actively participate in Washington Avenue Advisor's (WAA) Focus Groups, where collaborative discussions fuel innovation and problem-solving. Elevate your knowledge by registering for webinars covering crucial topics such as exit planning, financial literacy, and scaling up. Stay in the loop with timely updates by subscribing to Legacy Lab alerts, ensuring you have the latest information to steer your business towards success.

This section is your go-to resource, connecting you with the knowledge and community necessary for overcoming challenges and achieving your business goals.

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Connect with the WAA Team

Meet our team and reach out to us for support. 


Leadership Talks & Webinars

Learn more about the next Leadership Talks event and upcoming webinars, and secure your spot by clicking here.

Private Aircraft

Flying with Founders

Watch and listen to the latest Flying with Founders episode here.


To be considered as a guest on the show, email Reuben at 


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