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At Washington Avenue Advisors, we provide dedicated assistance in the following areas:

Financial Planning / Wealth Planning

The foundation of our financial planning process is to help people make smart decisions about money. Our mission is to create a financial plan that is centered on your values and benchmarked to your goals. We believe the more connected you are to your financial motivations the more inspired you will be to follow through with the steps necessary to implement your financial plan.

Family Legacy

You may wish to leave a legacy to heirs, a favored organization, and more. Our team, in coordination with your CPA, lawyer and other estate planning specialists, will help develop a transfer strategy that is designed so your wishes are accomplished. Our strategies are intended to manage potential issues surrounding wealth transfer; such as excessive taxation, family dissent, and other challenges.


Nothing is guaranteed in the investment world. However, we believe if you rely on a disciplined process then you may increase your chances of achieving the results you want. Our investment philosophy "Do not take more risk than you need to achieve your goals" emphasizes one main theme: asset allocation.

This philosophy is delivered in four basic principles.

  • Asset allocation - The decision between Stock, Bonds, and Cash
  • Portfolio Structure - The decisions on the type of securities for portfolios (sub asset classes)
  • Research – Utilize a disciplined due diligence process that focuses on quantitative and qualitative research
  • Ongoing Monitoring – Account rebalance and continuous due diligence

*Asset Allocation does not guarantee profit or protection from loss.

Risk Management

Mitigating risk is an important part of your overall financial strategy. We help you evaluate your financial risk, to life’s “what if questions”. Of course, life changes and, as it does, so will your needs. For that reason, you can rely on us to provide regular reviews to help ensure your insurance program evolves with your needs.

Business Solutions

We understand the importance of people to an organization. Our organization offers services to help business's attract and retain quality employees. Through our process we help employers compare and evaluate employee benefit programs.

  • Retirement Plan Services
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Business Protection
  • Exit Planning
  • Group Insurance programs (i.e. medical, dental, vision, etc.)
  • Communication and education of existing benefits

Medical Professionals

We understand as a medical or dental professional, you have unique demands placed on your time and financial resources. Seldom does your training address the importance of protecting yourself and creating a financial strategy to address your specific needs.We have found that most professionals have the desire to become more educated about their financial decisions, but truly do not have the time it takes to learn all the details necessary to make smart decisions with their money. Our team will help you have financial strategies designed for your unique situation.